Welcome to my personal blog where I post about different leadership styles, personality, experiences, and the leaders’ role in relation to followers. I am interested in being a community leader and want to understand more about leadership, and leaders’ approaches to different situations and contexts in relation to followers.

What I Do: I’m doing mostly web design and I have previous experience in web development. I have the education and experience within the design field and Interactive media production. I would say that I have hands-on experience of creating industry digital media work for corporate events and private clients.

Jack Maguire & Barbara Henvest. Gadfly. Russell-Cotes Art Museum, Bournemouth.

Places I’ve Lived: I haven’t traveled too much, but I have moved a lot; I’ve lived in Transylvania, Romania. I used to live in the city, Cluj-Napoca, and truly enjoyed studying in the field of fine arts and design, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Cluj-Napoca, Manastur. Hot days in October. Mănăştur view – 24 Oct 2013.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any problems at all then I am more than happy to help! Well, in respect to leadership.


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