Homeless People in Bournemouth

More on rough sleeping of homeless people on the streets of Bournemouth today than ever before. Since the conservative party came to power in 2010 the number of people sleeping rough rises 55 per cent in England. They have tried many things that reflected their vision, but this is a fail. I find myself wondering if failure is important.

Homeless woman

Homeless woman in Bournemouth town centre.

A Sharp Rise in Poverty Under Conservatives

Poor people are frequently unable to pay for housing, minimum food and clothes, childcare facilities, transportation, health care, and other necessary expenses. Many more people will be sleeping rough in a country that is focused on ‘other things that you also want’ and mean more and more people will come to their council as their homeless. And it won’t change, can’t, I guess, while the Conservatives have the power to decide how the country runs to bring about change for the homeless and poor.

Homelessness is usually the result of involuntary job loss, debts, struggle to maintain stable housing, especially mortgage or rent arrears, eviction threats or cumulative impact of health crisis. Today, there is no support for people seeking help from others, including friends, family, community support services in their area or even less money from the council, to help with rent and council tax payments.

Boris Johnson And the EU

And more people than ever before can become homeless, sleeping rough and hidden in our town. This is the impact of poverty on people, children and society on their overall development. In this respect, Mr. Boris Johnson would have people believe that the reasons for rough sleeping on England’s streets is the European Union.

In any case, Boris Johnson should be looking for things he can say for certain. So, for example, to ask the councils, if they have evidence of helping homeless individuals and their families; I’m sure all they have tried is to penalize the poor and homeless that struggle with homelessness and inequality living in poverty within rich societies.

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