What To See In Amsterdam

It seems difficult to imagine Amsterdam tourism without the Van Gogh Museum, the river Amstel, and numerous bridges in the intervening streets with lovely buildings from 17th and 18th centuries. It’s all beautiful, canal boats and bridges, both young and old are monumental, and is a great start to simply fuel your creative inspiration.

Unesco has added the city’s ring of canals Amsterdam’s 17th century to its world Heritage list in 2010.

Citycentre of Amsterdam

When walking through the centre of Amsterdam you will find plenty of really authentic sculptures there. Rembrandtplein with many popular night clubs, wild nightlife, restaurants and terraces is one of the busiest squares in the city center.

“Rembrandt and the sculpture of the Night Watch” in Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Yeah, let me tell you something you don’t know. Amsterdam is actually so much more than you can see with your eyes. Hidden places, streets with a number of sculptures, artists, Rijksmuseum, solo exhibitions, pleasant sights at your leisure and pretty much everything you see here is really impressive in this picturesque city.

Overview of cafés with a nice terrace located in Amsterdam Rembrandtplein, the Netherlands

The Best Amsterdam Coffee Shop

Coffeeshop Siberië, was one of my favorite coffee shops in downtown. Another one off the top of my head would be De Graal, Albert Cuypstraat 25. Relaxing place, this great coffeeshop has a pool table, internet, chess boards on every table, a music studio and awesome reggae playlists for normal people enjoying a game of chess with nice and interesting characters, staff and customers, who enjoy their smoke.

Discover Amsterdam Psy Trance Electronica and Robodock Festival

It was a takeover of psy-trance music, in history of techno, house, goa, electro best of 2000 – 2003 in it’s many forms largely confirmed in stylish outdoor parties, in gorgeously styled houses, and festivals. In the Netherlands is quite normal to organize special parties in churches, the infamous Ruigoord church, for a magic high theatrical performance, also the dance floor are a traditional part of community life.

Robodock arts festival originated at the ADM in Amsterdam is the most popular edition for experimental music, dance, theatre, multimedia, technical experiments and good design oriented, all kind of performances to give you the best experience.

Listen to the best Psychedelic Underground

With different sets of underground psychedelia for the dance floor and Jah Levi performing Reggae the New Year’s Eve in 2001 Amsterdam, the Netherlands turned Elf into a psychedelic circus. For more information on new upcoming underground goa psytrance progressive parties & dutch festivals visit http://www.goatrance.net.

The E.L.F. and JAH LEVI

I was first introduced to it, underground psychedelia, in the ELF (Eternal Life Family), de Vlaardingenlaan, just one month before the squat got evicted in January 2001.

Words and thoughts to remember and live by allowing yourself to stop the thoughts (not worrying about the future or thinking about the past), living in the present, and grasping the patterns of positive thinking, and the brilliant light within this very body.

The music of Jah Levi – In This Reality June, 2012 at the Healing Music Festival in Israel.

Wow, I still say that to myself now and always remember it well when I came near unto one of them that stood by, and asked him to let me use Internet paid or not, but he refused. The most famous American Jah Levi, in the white linen loose fitting long BABA shirt with white trousers, with his big eyes was wondering where that urge came from. Nothing left to be said, oh the busy Baba was on his way to their matters.

A Sustainable Leadership Model

With lots of canal boats and bridges, over fifty museums, the best psychedelic & techno shows beyond cosmic consciousness and Amsterdam coffee shops the charming Dutch capital attracts many millions of foreign visitors every year. Start living in the present, explore this wonderful city at your leisure and imagine working together wherever we are to make our world a better place in the very near future.

Have you been to Amsterdam and was there anything you found unexpectedly different, strange, challenging, or bizarre? Have you visited a great museum or an art gallery café which displays modern paintings by modern artists? Show us a picture!

Amsterdam canals

Picture: Amsterdam canals. Provided by: Danielle.

Dutch ship 0033

Picture: Dutch ship. Provided by: Danielle.

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  1. I lived at the ELF. I still keep my best friend from there, I am still vegetarian (agar managing the Magic Kitchen for a while) and I became an electronic music producer.
    Thanks for writing about it, do you have any pictures by any chance?
    Love 💘

    Ps: don’t forget the Magic hat 😉


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